Activism Through Art

“Activism Through Art”

Workshop Series Youth ages 12-15

We are living in extremely challenging times. Many of the issues we are facing as a society today will affect our youth for years to come. Whether it’s the environment, education, jobs or social injustices, young people are becoming increasingly aware that they will inherit a broken system desperately in need of reform. Therefore, young activists around the world are stepping up and speaking out. The tables have turned. The older generations now look to the younger generation to be the fearless protectors of all things just.

Budding Artists Step Up workshops
Youth & Activism - The age of young people has arrived! Awareness, solidarity and action are defining this generation as they start to demand social and environmental justice. Budding Artists has created workshops that will focus on defining those issues and will work with our youth to build their voices through art and activism. The future is in their hands!

Budding Artists Studio recognizes that art can be a tool of the people. Symbolism through thoughtful design can be a mighty weapon and those who understand how to wield it can bring forth powerful change.

Students will be introduced to a brief history of protest movements, such as Black Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, the LGBTQ Pride movement and of course the campaign against Climate Change with special attention on the inspiring stories of famous young activists of the day.

Group discussions and idea sharing will help support and encourage each student towards finding their voice based on the issue closest to their hearts. The focus will be on developing a unique protest slogan and symbolic graphic imagery to be used on a poster and T-shirt as well as other forms of visual protest.

The future is in their hands. Let’s all STEP UP!

Due to concerns over COVID-19, we will come to YOU. Budding Artists will set up in your backyard bubble and provide all materials. Spaces are limited to no more than 8 students. Masks will be worn at all times. We require access to water through a hose.